Top Oscar looks + #OscarsSoWhite

I love fashion and every year there is lots of it at the Oscars. I also love observing celebrity culture and every year there is lots of that at the Oscars. I also love celebrating the culturally diverse society we live in today and…..

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The shoe glove

Yes I know this was the trend of summer however I still love it and it’s still here! It all started with Martiniano Lopez Crozet, he introduced the shoe way back in 2011 (see below), and claimed to have come up with the term ‘glove shoe’ rumour has it that the shoes were actually designed … Continue reading The shoe glove

Supreme x North Face Fall 2015



It’s been so long since I wrote a blog post that WordPress looks different eek. Settled into my new job and given my blog a bit of  a new look, I’m excited to start blogging again.

So this post in collaboration with this freezing weather is about the latest supreme drop. North face and Supreme have been collaborating for a while now and this time hasn’t disappointed.

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Virgil Abloh: What You Need to Know

This is the man who would come up if you googled what do I wear if I want to be cool. If you didn’t know the name, maybe you know his work. Namely every creative aspect of Kanye Wests career. Since 2002 Abloh has worked with West as his creative director, this includes advising him on everything from stage designs to album covers and also working on the YEEEZY clothing lines.

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